Don't Just Quantity, The Quality Of Breast Milk Is Also Important

Breast milk or breast milk is a quality intake for infants. Breastfeeding has a variety of benefits for your child, including protecting your child from various diseases, meeting nutritional needs, increasing intelligence, preventing obesity, and reducing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. After giving birth, the first mother's milk to produce will be yellowish, thick, and thick. This first breast milk is called colostrum. But after two to five days, the mother's milk will produce more and tend to be whiter. Ideally, Breast Milk is given exclusively for the first six months of your child's life. At this age, Little is still susceptible to disease, so that the immune-forming substances from breast milk are needed. Unlike breast milk, baby formula does not contain antibodies. Therefore, breast milk is recommended to be the first choice for your baby. Paying Attention to Breast Milk Quality Is Not Just Quantity Maybe some mothers feel confused, how is the quality
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